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Lawrence County High School.The Lawrence County school system is a shining example of educating students to become "successful, contributing members of society." This system provides a safe and productive environment in which students are encouraged to develop and excel to the best of their abilities.

Innovative teaching techniques such as A+ learning and other technology based strategies are utilized by the Lawrence County school system to better prepare students for the 21st century job market.

Lawrence County also offers some unique educational opportunities. Having both an Early and Adult Learning Center Lawrence County strives to educate people of all ages and to have a comprehensive learning system. A Gifted and Talented Education Program is offered to challenge students at all grade levels. At the high school level students can earn college credit through AP and Dual Credit courses.

Lawrence County Board of Education building.The Lawrence County school system deeply encourages parent involvement. Year round Lawrence County offers Volunteer Training to equip parents and other community members so that they will be the most productive volunteers possible.

Athletic and extracurricular offerings are important to a well-rounded education. These programs are held very near to the heart of Lawrence County and students continue to excel and instill school and community pride. School spirit and excitement run rampant every fall as the high school football team charges out of the "Dawg Pound" for the first game.

Overall Lawrence County is a caring place where students are well prepared for their adult lives and given the skills they will need to succeed. For more information, please see the links below:

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